Diamond Certification

Purchasing a diamond certified by an accredited grading laboratory is your assurance that an un-biased third party has graded your diamond. These grading laboratories don't engage in diamond selling nor do they care what happens to the diamond after it has been graded. They simply call it as they see it and this is a mark of true diamond value because it has been priced based on accurate diamond grading. Diamonds submitted for certification are normally examined by a minimum of four highly trained and experienced diamond graders and gemologists.

Almost all Diamonds available at Tommy Parker Diamonds have been graded and certified b either GIA,(Gemological Institute of America), or by EGL(the European Gemological Laboratories). These grading laboratories are considered to be the world's foremost authorities on diamond grading and gemological services. Tommy Parker Diamonds will partner with only the most creditable grading laboratories, ones that carry and honor the highest ethics and integrity in the jewelry industry.