Diamond Clarity

Clarity refers to the presence (or absence) of impurities, blemishes or other identifying characteristics within a diamond. Clarity characteristics are what make every diamond completely unique. There are no two diamonds that will have exactly the same inclusions in the same location. There are five factors that determine how a major laboratory like GIA or EGL will assign a clarity grade to a specific diamond.


They include:

Size How large or small an inclusion is within a diamond.

Number How many inclusions are found within a diamond.

Position The location of the diamond's inclusions. Inclusions located under the table or "heart" of the diamond affect clarity grade more so than inclusions located under the side facets.

Nature Inclusions affect the durability of a diamond. Large feathers can be hazardous depending on their exact size and position within the diamond.

Color An inclusion's visibility. Dark inclusions are easier to locate than a white or clear inclusion and may be graded more harshly.


Gemologists created the clarity scale to help establish consistency within the industry. In the past, jewelers used terms that were easily misinterpreted such as "loupe clean." The terms used today are done so worldwide.

The clarity scale consists of 11 grades ranging from Flawless(FL) to included(I). When determining a diamond's clarity grade, the gemologists considered the size,nature,color,position and quantity of clarity characteristics under 10 x magnifications. The lesser the number of inclusions a diamond has, the higher clarity grade it will receive.


We at Tommy Parker Diamonds recommend our customer to only invest where they can see a visible difference.

Clarity Scale Description
FL Flawless. Shows no inclusions or blemishes of any sort under 10x magnifications when examined by an experienced grader. Extremely rare
IF Internally flawless - no inclusions and only very minor surface blemishes.
VVS1,VVS2 Very, very slightly included - very, very small microscopic inclusions extremely difficult to see under a 10 x magnification.
VS1,VS2 Very slightly included - very small microscopic inclusions somewhat easy to see under a 10 x magnification.
SI1,SI2,SI3 Slightly included - small inclusions that are easy to see under a 10 s magnifications. This clarity is an excellent choice for someone looking to stay within a budget, but wants a diamond that will look as good as a higher clarity diamond except when viewed under magnification.
I1,I2,I3 Included - Inclusions are easily seen to the unaided eye and sometime greatly affect the brilliance of a diamond. Some I1 diamonds can still be quite beautiful looking.