About Us

TPD - Tommy Parker Diamonds, L.L.C

Tommy Parker Diamonds comes to you with over 50 years experience in the diamond industry. Our mission is to provide to you the best quality merchandise at the lowest prices. Our family owned business offers the most professional customer service team in the diamond market.

Along with our experience, we offer the I.G.L. Certificate for your benefit with any stone that you purchase. We also have a wide selection of EGL and GIA Certified stones.

At Tommy Parker Diamonds, we partner with jewelers and retailers to find, market, and sell the variety of high-quality, certified diamonds their customers want. And we provide the personalized service, useful tools, and free resources that help their businesses thrive.

With an inventory of thousands of diamonds available at any time—and new diamonds added daily—we offer our partners a large selection of loose diamonds available online. Due to our inventory, we’re able to offer lower prices and longer, more relaxed memo terms than other diamond distributors can.

We were headquartered in Monroe, LA, for more than 50 years, we are now located in Fairhope, AL serving the American diamond market, we are committed to giving our partners the information and support they need.

To further deliver on this promise, our team of experts examines each diamond that enters our inventory, equipping us with complete information about every single diamond we offer.

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Only the Finest Diamonds

All our diamonds are IGL, GIA or EGL certified, and of the finest quality. Each and every diamond is hand selected and examined by our experts prior to shipment. With Tommy Parker Diamonds, you can be sure that your jewelry has undergone the TPD-QC quality control – unlike our competitors, we NEVER drop ship.

24/7 Diamond Experts

Certified diamonds experts are on site, around the clock, to assist you with any inquiries you may have. Whether you want help understanding the 4 C’s or deciding which diamond to purchase, a Tommy Parker Diamond expert is ready and happy to help.

Please give our friendly staff a call at our toll-free number, 1-800-503-3331, if you have any needs or questions. We look forward to hearing from you!